I am a UX designer with a drive for connecting to my community and I am intensely focused on ethics in design. Design plays a major role in all of the products, services, and systems that we interact with on a daily basis, and the people responsible for designing all of those things must be accountable for them.

I have previously worked as a User experience/User Interface designer, graphic & web designer, user researcher, and project manager. I have worked on design systems, enterprise software, e-commerce, and designed for experiences beyond digital interfaces. In every position, I have been focused on connecting to the people and communities impacted or served by my work.

Currently, I am furthering my career in UX Design by combining my love for connecting with people, and my attitude toward lifelong learning, with the simple idea that I care about this. I want to help, whether that means doing the thing itself, advocating for the solution, or making sure the voices of an impacted community are elevated and reflected in the room designing the solutions.

You can always email me at rickrcourtney@gmail.com to connect.
Professional Experience
Design Consultant
March 2023 – Present
-NPO Client - Completed UX audit of organization website and digital areas, including evaluation of content, analytics, business goals, customer journey, online responsive desktop and mobile experience, and solutions. Completed content updates to the website. Ongoing engagement redesigning and modernizing digital user experience. Designed marketing collateral for branding and event specific design work.
- Game Publisher Client - Graphic & layout designs for book publication, including development of creative strategy and branded design to meet brand IP guidelines.
- AIGA Chicago - Organized annual portfolio review events and design community mentorship program.

Senior User Experience Designer
October 2021 – February 2023
Catalog Team
- Led end-to-end design and research in an agile cross-functional React development team to build enterprise-wide catalog management software to update and integrate a broad range of legacy controls into one unified system, saving millions of dollars annually in work hours and vendor licensing costs.
- Designed Commercial and ECommerce facing systems for controlling shipping methods, product display and blocking rules, and controls of catalog taxonomy and navigation.
- Created store and in-house controls to translate industry vehicle data into custom Autozone display uses that can be tailored to better deliver technical information to customers in clear everyday language.

Design System
- Built, reviewed, and implemented Figma and ZeroHeight components in an ongoing effort to update and document a unified enterprise design system to service back-end software, store software, and online ECommerce website & app.

Self Employed
Design Consultant
2019 – October 2021
-Agency Freelance: UX/UI design with creative agencies for healthcare and banking clients, working with Figma based design systems.
-Engaged with community businesses and design agencies on broad ranging design and UX projects.
-Helped NPO clients focused on community engagement and voter education.
-Hip Circle Empowerment Center: Developed and implemented strategy to help clients adapt to COVID-19 state lockdowns.

McGuffin Creative Group
UX/UI Designer: Contract
May 2021 – October 2021
-Worked in an agency setting to wireframe and design an updated website for a financial and banking client.
-Built responsive website designs within Figma and Storybook based design system, using both existing components and the creation of new designs to fit the needs of specific pages.
-Design and concept work to support the ongoing rebranding efforts of healthcare clients.
-Winner of Indigo Design Award bronze award 2023 and 2023 Communicator award of distinction.

King Panda Media
UX/UI Designer: Contract
July 2020 - October 2020
-Conducted market and user research for the concept development of a seed/early stage startup media platform.
-Built Figma wireframes and designs for user interface of the platform for both web and responsive mobile.
-Created presentation materials to detail research findings, visual design, and business model concepts for use in recruitment and pitch efforts by the startup partners.

Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo
UX Researcher - Community & Service Design
May 2018 - August 2019

- Led regular user research initiatives to guide strategy and service design improvements for retail and community spaces.
- Coordinated between community organizers and related game companies to facilitate community events.
- Research and design for transition to new retail inventory management back-end software and future website experience.

Laser Reproductions, Inc.
UX Designer - eCommerce/Project Manager
December 2016 - June 2018
-Designed and managed three eCommerce websites built on the Magento CMS platform, with goals of modernizing the web platforms to increase accessibility and online sales conversions.
-Liaised with licensed artists to develop and design custom printed products available on a brand new company site, creating a brand new source of revenue for the company.
-Spearheaded the production of regular content for online stores, weekly sales emails, and regular customer feedback surveys toward a goal of increasing meaningful customer engagement.
-Conducted customer research with sales team lead to determine website needs for Development Team in a collaborative team.
-Guided ongoing design projects and led creative vision for in-house and customer focused production designers

Winger Productions, LLC
UX & Visual Designer
June 2013 - September 2016

-Led creative direction and brand management for an annual Obstacle Course Race, including the building of a branded design system.
-Led UX direction to improve the experience of the event both digitally and in person.
-Conducted user research to understand interest in OCR events as well interest in the community and charitable focuses of the event.
-Created a community design committee. Committee recommendations led to a direct increase in audience satisfaction.
-Iterative changes increased event participation, sponsorships, and charitable donations, effectively doubling revenue each of my 3 years of coordinating.
-Designed and developed event web site (HTML/CSS) and online social presence. Updated both frequently to reflect better user experiences around accessibility and creating a cohesive voice for community engagement.
-Worked with vendors and legal expertise to create a clear and seamless back end user experience.

Afterburner FX
Visual & Web Designer 
May 2013 - September 2016
-Researched, designed, and developed (HTML/CSS) updated company website in 2013
-Utilized customer feedback and UX research to build a 2016 design update focused user accessibility
-Designed in-house and client facing graphics and marketing for production
-Collaborated with designers and production team to concept and create client design solutions

Web Designer Intern
Jan 2012 - August 2012
-Designed and developed (HTML/CSS/CMS) websites and marketing graphics in client facing agency setting.
-Consulted and managed projects with multiple clients
-Worked directly with developers, designers, and clients in a collaborative team environment

Youngstown State University
Graphic Designer Intern
Jan 2012 - Jun 2012
-Designed marketing and instructional materials for university production and graphic standards
-Edited and ensured brand standards for any printed materials to be produced by university printing press

Rich Center for Autism
Graphic Designer - Identity
November 2011
-Created and presented new identity system for the organization’s rebranding efforts
-Conducted stakeholder and user interviews during research phase
-Ethnographic research process working with a need based NPO

Youngstown State University
BFA | Graphic & Interactive Design

AIGA Chicago
Board Member - Mentorship & Education

2023 -

UX Design
UI Design
User Research
Visual Design
Design Systems
Brand Management
Production Design
Project Management
Team Coordination & Collaboration
Community Design
Human Centered Design
Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere​​​​​​​

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