Launching an E-COMMERCE store for artists

Project Role
User Experience Designer
Visual Designer
Project Manager
Project Scope
Eight Months of research, design, and development
Ongoing design support and coordination with licensed artists
Legend Studio
Legend Studio is an online e-commerce platform built and run as a subsidiary of Laser Reproductions Inc. (LRi) The Magento store platform was designed to leverage the production capabilities of LRi for making custom printed products in relationship with a group of licensed artists. 
I was the primary designer on this project, and worked collaboratively with a marketing researcher and a Magento developer to build the site. I was responsible for the overall design of the site, as well as the deployment of the specialized CMS pages to give our sales and marketing teams update capabilities without needing to make development changes. I also worked closely with the artists and licensing groups connected to the site for content design.
Building a Retail Site to support two groups
Legend Studio launched and was used in two primary ways defined by the artists that were involved in the site. Many of the artists travel to independent events to sell their works and utilized the Legend Studio website as a fallback hub to direct fans and customers to additional stock or product options. This use drove a path focused on Artist pages and direct links.
The site was also a fully functional online store with organic online traffic. In that capacity it was also a hub for several licensing groups, for example, one group represented a stable of artists creating fantasy-themed art. This drove a path for general browsing and organizing by Theme. 

(left) User Flow for artist direct links and Artist pages
(right) General site user flow breaking out options for theme, artist, product type, and general searches

Working With The Artists
By the end of my time with the team, we had partnered with over 30 artists, either independently or through relationships with licensing groups. I communicated regularly with many of these artists, as I coordinated their personalized artist page content and worked with the production design team at LRi to develop new product offerings on an individual artist basis. 
Browser mockup of a web page for viewing specific artist pages and shopping by their products
Shop By Theme
Beyond providing individualized artist content, my goal was to make the website usable to a general public that might not know who an artist was, but was searching online for certain types of art. 
Theme breakdowns and search capabilities helped to flesh out the functionality of the website and gave our marketing team tools to build further relationships in the specialized artistic hobby spaces we were supporting. 
Image quilt of product categories: Automotive, Aviation, Country, Fantasy, Firefighter, Kitchen, Military, Motorcycle, Outdoors, Pinups, Train & Rail
Magento E-Commerce
The Legend Studio website was developed on top of the Magento platform. The catalog back end allowed me to set up and document a process for our content management team to quickly add and update new products. This let our team rapidly get new artist partnerships live with our base product offerings for their art, and to easily add additional catalog items requested by them. By designing specialized content pages on the CMS side, I provided a tool for the marketing team to more easily update artist profiles, product offerings, and all of the informational sides of the site. 
Designing New products
Legend Studio launched with two product types. All of the artist's images were set up to be printed onto beveled wood or stamped tin signs. 
Working with our marketing team and artist liaisons, I expanded those options over the next year. I designed the mockup templates for all of our products that could be set up for every piece of art that we offered and trained our catalog team on using them to create new product listings. I also created marketing banners to highlight each new artist or product offering on the website. 

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